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Rocks fall, (almost) everyone dies

Nothing was going right. With the return of that irritating blond scientist, things officially ending on an uncertain note with Lelouch, and a growing string of incidents that only served to fuel Light's paranoia, he'd become more and more convinced that there was only one thing left to do - kill as many people at the school as possible, disappear, and hope that the people here under assumed names or the ones that, for one reason or another, wouldn't die when he wrote them down, never connected a charming criminal jutice student with the slaughter.

First, he took care of Ed. Her real name was in her memory, not the school directory. And then he wrote down every staff member, followed by the student body. The Death Note never ran out of pages, no matter how many people he wrote down.

Light had no idea how much time passed as he took care of affairs, deliberately leaving one name for last. But when he went to write Lelouch down, his hand seemed to have other ideas. It was only after his own name had been written down that he became aware of it.

Forty seconds later, he slumped over his desk, pen still in his hand.

[OOC: Feel free to comment saying where your characters were when they died or how they react to surviving. Wolfie, can Lelouch be the one to find Light?]


Today.... had been a productive day, actually. There were a million and one things going through Ed's mind, and none of them suggested the possibility of what was coming. She was multitasking over the whole of Endai's computer systems, setting up extensive camera programs and catch-alls that wouldn't be found by the strongest antispyware programs in existance on one computer, monitoring the emails of a dozen of Endai's students on another, munching on dog biscuits with Ein and listening to cute, peppy music on the headphones she'd bought not more than a week ago. When the heart attack hit, she was wholly unprepared, actually flailing around on the floor for most of the duration. Ein didn't seem to understand what was going on, but he also didn't seem affected, which relieved Edward just a tiny bit.

The first thing she saw when her vision blacked and returned was the face of an old friend, one she'd seen Faye-faye cry over time and time again... but there was hardly even time to have a short conversation before she remembered something and said she had to run. Her chatting partner didn't seem the least bit surprised and told her to run along, and that she shouldn't leave good friends alone for too long, else they begin to worry.

It took what felt like hours to run through the mainframe of Endai's computers, using her own 'work' as a number of "Jump points" and signs. Finally, though, she found what she was looking for - a gentle, innocent thing that was unlike any kind of computer-generated emotion Ed had ever seen. While she knew she wouldn't have a body anymore, at least she was pretty sure she could talk to Chii, even from inside her mechanical brain.
... Or maybe it would take a little bit of rewiring, in order to fit herself in. Either way, it didn't take Ed long before she chimed in with her usual greeting to Chii, and it would be pretty obvious that her voice, while still there, wasn't coming from her usual body.
Retsu had taken to spending much of his free time with Ruthberg over the past few months, enjoying the easy trust that the two of them shared. He was smiling as he leaned back against the other man, flipping through yet another poetry book that he'd checked out of the library-- until he felt his chest tightening uncomfortably. The book tumbled out of his hands, and he gave a pained gasp, digging his fingers into Ruthberg's thigh.

"Something's... wrong--" he choked out, his breathing labored. "I... can't possibly... be having a heart attack--" But he was. He knew the symptoms, he'd been trained quite well on such things during his time at SCRTC. He would never get to say goodbye to his teammates or his brother...

"Ruthberg..." And then he was gone, his eyes glazing over as the life drained out of them, his body gone still.
For the past hour or so, Ruthberg had found it very hard to focus on anything. He couldn't figure out why it felt like a large number of people were dying in the buildings close to him. He tried to let the feelings pass over him so he could read his own book, but attempting that abruptly ended when he felt Retsu dig fingers into his thigh.

His eyes widened and he listened to the choked words. A heart attack? Why would someone so young, and in such good condition, experience something like that? Ruthberg didn't know what to do - should he try to call for help? As his mind raced, he noticed Retsu's grip loosen, his eyes losing their spark.

Again, he'd been stuck in the terrible position of holding someone he cared about as they died. And he'd never get the chance to say that now. Ruth felt his cheeks get wet as he began to whisper a prayer for the newly dead. Even if his friend's beliefs were different, his spirit could still use kind words to help it towards its destination.

His chest ached. At first, he could pass it off as just emotional pain, but it quickly grew, forcing him to close his eyes tightly and hold onto the closest thing - Retsu's still-warm arm. Jan van Ruthberg knew he was about to die. But he felt no sadness about it as his eyes closed. After all, in death, he could easily kiss whoever he wished without worry.
Reno'd returned to his room after spending most of the morning at his favorite bar- the one that had far better sausage gravy and biscuits than the cafeteria could ever hope to have. Paying no mind to the pile of mail sitting on his desk, he sat on the bed and made everything as comfortable as he possibly could. Maybe Rufus had sent him here on purpose- Rufus always wanted his Turks to be the best. Well-trained, effective, and efficient- the marks of a good assassin.

Look at Tseng, Reno thought, ignoring the rest of the pile short of the envelope hand-addressed to him and sporting the Shinra logo. Fucker's shoved so far up Rufus's ass he's seeing shit and daylight...

As far as Reno knew, there were any number of things that could kill him. He was no stranger to chest pain, nausea, and other ailments, but bullets were worse. Drinking, smoking, sex- all of his vices had their consequences, and it wasn't strange for the Turk to experience some side effects. Today, however, was different. Maybe he'd just smoked too much. Maybe he'd drank too much. Hell, he'd probably done both.

He'd forgotten to pick up another six pack on his way home, but there was one last beer left in the mini-fridge next to his bed. Reno toyed with the tab for a moment, staring blankly at the words on the paper in front of him signed by Rufus himself, then popped the can open.

At least he'd go out doing something he loved.

He kept reading that damned letter over and over again, yet any attempt he made to understand it ended in failure. Fired? he thought, trying to figure out exactly what had caused this. Had he been replaced? Again?

Fuck it, Reno thought, savoring every taste of the beer in his hand as he ignored the increasing pain in his chest. He was sure that he was sweating only because he knew what he'd have to do.Yes, Mr. President...I'll do what I have to do.

Everyone knows Turks die how they lived.

Except, nobody knows what happens when they're let go.

An empty aluminum can dropped to the floor as gunmetal met temple. Reno hoped he wouldn't disturb anyone too much.

Everyone knows Turks die how they lived.
((OOC: I am so goddamned proud of this.))

October 2008

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